History is the investigation of the rich complexity of the past and what it means to be human.  In the course of this investigation, history students hone fundamental skills – in critical analysis, research, argument, and writing – that are essential to future success. 

The history department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and social studies education, as well as a minor in history.  Our classes (none larger than 32 students) are taught by professors (no TAs) who combine a focus on teaching with research, which they regularly publish and present in national venues. 

This site offers a variety of ways to discover what the history department is about, including profiles of our faculty, recent news from the department, scholarships available to students, and more.


As a professional, I could not be more grateful for my education in history.  It taught me to think critically, recognize the gray areas of life, have an opinion, be able to support it, and, of course, how to write.  And perhaps most crucially -- It fostered in me a tireless curiosity. . . Each history course brought me even more questions.  Great Questions.  You can never know everything, but you can have the skills to find what you need when you need it.

-- Lauren (Georger) Ziarko, Class of 2007


Our department's strength is our teaching, building of the past a context for the present and developing the skills students will require in all future endeavors.  The accomplishments of our former students prove that knowledge and insight gained from the study of history and teacher education prepares students to succeed in a broad range of future careers (see the American Historical Association's careers with a degree in History).  Graduates of IC’s history department have become teachers, lawyers, business owners/CEOs, museum curators, professors, and more.    


Studying history fostered my writing and critical thinking skills. These skills have been integral to my work in policy and are two of the most important skills that I look for when hiring new analysts and managers.

-- Brian Ohl, Class of 2003

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