Business Students Invest Alumni Funds

During the first week of December, business school students in two fund management classes traveled to New York City to present a stock portfolio update to the Ithaca College Investment Alumni Board (IAB). The students managed $500,000 worth of actual alumni funds.

Divided into several different teams, the students in each group focused on a specific sector of the market, such as health care, finance, and energy. The teams each gave a 20-minute presentation to the board—which was composed of 19 alumni, three faculty members, and a dean.

“It’s always eye-opening for the students to hear the questions from the alumni board,” said Jason Muenzen ’02, director of the investment program and instructor of the Finance and International Business course at IC. “Everyone on the board has experience in finance, but they’ve all been in different roles, and they use that experience to present a different viewpoint to the students. For example, one group laid out why they chose to invest in Amazon, and a member of the board said, ‘Okay, but have you thought about these other issues?’ It’s a great learning experience because the IAB treats the students just like a company’s board of directors would.”