Charting a Course

Strategic plan paves the way for the next decade.

This fall, after months of planning, Ithaca College set its strategic vision in motion. The plan, dubbed “IC 20/20,” will transform the student learning experience through the next nine years. It will create opportunities for students to focus on real-world problem solving, drawing together the insights of the multiple disciplines in ways that mirror the range of professional and life challenges they will face. It will also position Ithaca College as a leader among educational institutions.

The core curriculum will be redesigned to focus on contemporary and enduring issues. This integrative core will weave together learning opportunities in liberal arts and professional study while creating a more intentional bridge between the five schools. Tighter links will be developed between curricular, cocurricular, and residential life, to create a 24/7 learning-focused community.

Connecting with Alumni

As the College works to implement the ambitious plan, alumni can expect their vital role with the College to grow in new ways, too. They can get involved with a new student-alumni mentor program or facilitate opportunities for students off campus.

“We’re very excited about the possibility of connecting students with alumni who are practicing professionals and who are willing to share their experiences with current students,” says Marisa Kelly, provost and vice president of academic affairs. She says the network will give students the opportunity to have multiple mentors in their chosen field, including faculty on campus and alumni off campus. “That combination will be really powerful in helping students to leave Ithaca College prepared for success in a rapidly changing world,” Kelly says.

Creating Community

More opportunities will arise as the College expands its off-campus presence both in the United States and abroad. The College will open a new learning center in New York City, similar to the one already established in Los Angeles, but available to students in all majors. Alumni in New York City are already working with the College to help line up internships and to speak to students in the new program there. Alumni connections are advancing plans for a new center in China, and IC will expand its programs in Los Angeles and London. “The message to alumni is, Don’t be shy. We want to involve you,” Kelly says. “IC 20/20 is about our students, but it’s also about the whole IC community, and the alumni are a very important part of that.” Information about participating in the student-alumni mentor program will be shared in ICView. For frequent updates, register for the online alumni community at 

See an infographic highlighting major initiatives.