Student Parking Information

Spring 2022 Parking Information

For more information regarding Spring 2022 parking permit sales and parking rules and regulations please visit...

Ithaca College continually assesses its operations, procedures and policies in order to foster the incorporation of sustainability thinking and practice into its day-to-day management. Our efforts continue to further our goal to create a "living learning" laboratory that models and reinforces what our students are learning about sustainability in their classrooms. Furthermore Ithaca College recognizes the importance of strengthening the student connection to the College and laying the foundation for student success. As a result we strongly urge students not to bring vehicles to campus, particularly during their first year.

Please be aware that parking for all students is limited. Parking is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no guarantee that all students who desire to park on campus will be granted parking privileges.

Alternative Transportation Options

From public buses to rideshare programs, there are many alternative and sustainable transportation options available to Ithaca College students without owning a car, and it is important to know about them before purchasing a parking permit. 

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