First-Year Student Permit

Ithaca College aims to foster sustainability thinking and practice into its day-to-day management. Our efforts further our goal to create a “living-learning” laboratory that models and reinforces what our students are learning about sustainability.

Furthermore Ithaca College recognizes the importance of strengthening the student connection to the College and laying the foundation for student success during the first year. As a result we strongly urge students not to bring vehicles to campus, particularly during their first year. Instead consider the alternative transportation options described here.

First-Year Student Parking Details

Students who have completed less than 2 semesters matriculated at Ithaca College or another higher education institution are considered First-Year students.

A First-Year student can purchase a Red Permit for $500 for the Academic Year.

  • First-Year students may park in any Red Lot.
  • Permit stickers are to be applied to the vehicle’s driver’s side back window for clear display.
  • Permits are valid through August 14, 2022.

Purchase a Permit Online

2021-22 Permits are available to purchase from our IC Parking Portal starting July 6, 2021.