Graduate Student Parking (Red Permit)

Red Permits are available to Graduate Students at no charge.

  • Red Permits are valid only in lots with Red Permit signs: A, B, C, CC, D, J-Red, L, L-Ext, M, N, O-Red, R, S, S-Ext, Y, Z-Red/Green (see campus map for locations).
  • In addition, Red Permit holders can park in the evening, overnight periods, and weekends in Blue Lots. Please refer to the signage at the entrance of each individual Blue Lot for specific times and days of the week.
  • Red permit stickers are to be applied to the vehicle’s driver’s side back window for clear display.
  • Red permits are valid for one school year from midnight, August 15th through midnight, August 14th of the following year.

Purchase a Permit Online

Permits are available to purchase from our IC Parking Portal now.