In-Person Services

Available for ONLY IC RETIREES and current faculty, staff, and graduate student Wellness Clinic members who are:

  1. approved to be on campus OR as of June 1st fully vaccinated with vaccination card on file with the college,
  2. adhering to campus testing and screening requirements,
  3. and cleared to access campus daily.

Appointments required for personal training, fitness evaluations, and graded exercise testing.  To schedule contact us in-person, email wellness@ithaca.eduor call our front desk at 607-274-1301.

In-Person Workouts

Wellness Clinic is open Monday – Thursday 10am-2pm NO RESERVATIONS.

Personal Training (In-Person, Virtual, or a combination of both)

Would you like to meet with one of our Fitness Specialists to develop an individualized fitness plan and exercise program?  Our Fitness Specialists are available to meet with you for 4 sessions (and possibly more) via zoom or in-person to:

  • Review your medical/health/exercise history 
  • Provide coaching on goal setting, motivational techniques, and pertinent health & fitness topics 
  • Design and orient you to an individualized fitness plan and exercise program 
  • Provide feedback, motivation, and exercise program updates

To start the “Personal Training” process:

Fitness Evaluations (In-Person only)

Measure resting heart rate and blood pressure, body composition (fat vs. lean tissue), muscular fitness, flexibility, and functional movement. 

Graded Exercise Test (In-Person only)

Maximal exercise testing to determine aerobic capacity and VO2max - Schedule TBA for Fall 2021.