We hope you are all safe and well and practicing social distancing as well as good general hygiene. That being said we still have to all stay active to remain physically and mentally well.  To keep us all connected and motivated we would like to share what your fellow clinic members are doing during this difficult time.

We are doing our best to stay in contact with all of you and help our now virtual community. We want to hear from all of our clients and know what you are doing for exercise to help motivate us to keep it up but maybe more importantly to help us feel close to one another.  Send us a quote on how and what you are doing and read the quotes from other clients. Stay safe and be well and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

“What I have been doing is sneaking out of the house to go for long runs on the South Hill recreational trail (don't worry, no group running or chatting with people, I'm keeping my distance). I go out at least 3X per week. If I don't do a bit of activity, I'll lose my marbles. Besides, it's so much better when I come home because I feel way better.”

“I have been able to run some and even did the longest non-competitive run I've done in decades-- 70 minutes. I will be going cycling today for the 2nd time.”

“Fortunately, I’ve been able to do a lot of the non-aerobic exercises, stretches, some weight work with 10 and 20lb weights that I was able to do at the clinic. Has it been every day……probably not but at least several times a week. I’ve been walking, mostly in the house due to the weather and working up to 4,000 steps a day minimum which translates to more time than I spend on a treadmill or bike at the clinic. The fact is, I’ve been hoping against hope that the weather improves a little so I can get out in my perennial flower garden. Maybe the upcoming week looks promising.”

“Currently I'm doing some outside walking, about a quarter to half a mile once a day. Will start the stationary bicycle, hopefully real soon. I'm glad I have the radio show production process that keeps me quite busy.”

“Although I am not walking/running as much, I've been working outside at least 2 hours per day lifting tree trunks, cleaning the land and listening to nature. I feel amazing about that.”

“Exercising has been tough to come by. My home gym is non-existent, but I am still able to do stretching. I could do yoga, but haven't done so yet (I really should though!). I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get outside and walk/run/bike/something.”

“My exercise plan actually hasn’t changed too much since I’ve been working at home. I’m still doing my regular weekly routine. I do have time for more yoga and walking now that I’m not commuting 45 mins to and from the office- and now that the weather’s getting nicer 😊.

"We are staying home and finding at-home projects to keep us busy.  We are exercising and taking long walks outside.  Since we are on a hilltop the return is always uphill.  We miss you folks."

"Not going to lie, things have been difficult.  My workload upped tremendously and my accessibility to a gym has gone to 0... which my plan was not prepared for, as you know.  Been doing push-ups on my stairs, squats against my coffee table, and extra-long, long walks with my dog when possible."

"Other than the bodyweight workouts, I've gone out jogging a couple of times on the Black Diamond Trail and Waterfront Trail. The trails are nice and wide so it's easy to keep away from others. Other than that, I've gone for the occasional hike. Six Mile Creek is my favorite."

“Missing the Wellness Center, for sure...That said I walk (vigorously), most days, on a four-mile loop I’ve created at the Cass Park Marina. Also using my 15 lb. dumb bells and my bands at home. Doing the best I can...can’t wait to get back and see you all.”

"We did the IC Alumni Virtual 5k this past weekend! We may do an Easter Virtual 5k this weekend also. We walk between 2 and 4 miles daily (sharing the sidewalks by stepping out to remain 6’ away while others are walking past) then we come back here and do a 20-minute HIIT outside along our back sidewalk. We use a Tabata timer app on our phone or iPad with music and alternate taking turns creating the routines. That’s fun and a surprise for the other person so if it’s ‘safe’ to workout with a partner, we know it’s always better. Usually 5 to 10 exercises, between 20 and 45 min exercising and 10 to 15 min rests.”

“One thing that I've noticed is that a TON of gyms in my area have been offering different workouts, classes, challenges, and other programs online. I have taken advantage of that-- the cycling studio near my house has rented out bikes and weights and is offering classes via zoom for the price of a monthly membership. It has been so much fun to be connected without leaving the house. I have also been enjoying walks outside and getting different ideas from popular fitness social media accounts, and modifying workouts I've learned at the Wellness Clinic to diversify my workouts!"

" We walk a portion of the Finger Lakes Trail every day after work.  I have also started using a rubber elastic stretch cord, that has the handles on each end."

"I've been doing a combination of walking, hiking, and some HIIT days, with an app that I use...it's hard to do the workout we had planned, and honestly I've gotten much stronger.  Trying to check in with my body on days I'm tired, and honoring that. And trying to do movement that gives me JOY!!  I can't wait to pick up a tennis racket again, or to try my bicycle on short rides."

"I am continuing to exercise. Weather permitting, I go for a VERY brisk walk daily for about an hour which includes some uphill sections behind my house. I am also doing tons of cleaning and gardening, which is all contributing to keeping me active." 

“I've been immensely busy since we transitioned to online classes - I actually have more work now than I did when it was in-person. While I am sitting on my butt and staring at a computer more frequently than I was before, I have also been eating well and exercising when I can. When I feel my body become stiff or sore from sitting for long hours, I get up and do stretches, push-ups, and lunges. The few dry days we've had in Ithaca allowed me to do workouts outside on my patio. In these workouts, I do 100 reps with a jump rope with nearly no pauses so I can keep my heart rate high and gain the benefit from the cardio. I also walk around outside almost every day for fresh air and movement. I have even done a couple of big hikes in the area (8 miles one day!)." 

"I walk/jog 40 minutes a day with and without free 5 lbs. weights– every day except Sunday – day of rest 😊 – although sometimes I do stretch and core than day.  I just ordered ankles weights."

"I run outside every day. I usually go to Cornell because there are a bunch of different routes you can take to it doesn’t get boring and you can go short or long. The campus is basically empty, especially in the morning. Eventually I should do some workouts at home but I hate doing them at home- only at the Wellness Clinic!"


"I am currently doing mostly body weight exercises and running/walking outside on trails. I have filled up a duffel bag with clothes and books for some of my upper body workouts but that is about as creative as I have gotten.  I perform my body weight workout in my living room. I bought a puzzle piece mat 6'x4' so I can do push ups, dips (on a chair), and one legged squats (on a chair)." 


"I've been spending time using a stationary bike (and real bike on the few days the weather has been nice enough) and swinging some steel maces around in the rooms where the ceiling is high enough."


Other activities Wellness Clinic members are doing to stay active:

  • Gardening
  • Canoeing
  • Volleyball

Messages from our members:

  • "You folks never rest!  Your energy shows through all the programs you have implemented to keep us healthy and limber.  Thanks and praise to you all!"
  • "Thank you for your continued support and resources during this time."
  • "The adjustment has been hard but I appreciate the support and encouragement to start exercise at home."
  • “One of the things I miss the most is seeing you and the rest of the crew at the clinic every weekday morning. I don’t know whether or not you realize how much the value of your infectious personalities means to me. Of course, what you do for us, relative to exercise and health is most important, but how comfortable you make us feel and how much joy you bring to our lives is immeasurable.”