Self-help audio files

How to survive an emotional crisis / Meditation practice audio files

This folder contains audio tracks produced by the Center for Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) to teach and explain basic coping strategies. These tracks include demonstrations of diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, meditation using a mantra, tips for improving sleep, and meditation to cope with painful emotions.

There is no copy protection on these files, so you can stream them on your computer or add them to any device that can play mp3 files. Contact Paul Mikowski, Psy.D., if you have any questions ( or 607-274-3136).

How to Use the Files:

1) Left-click on a track to select it and then, on the new page, click it again if you would like to stream it over your Internet connection
2) Alternatively, you can left-click on a track to select it and, on the new page right-click on the track and (on a PC) select Save Link As to save the file anywhere on your computer. If you save the file to your computer, you can add it to any device that plays mp3 files.

Explaining Why Relaxation Exercises Work:

  1. The "fight or flight" reflex

Basic Relaxation techniques:

  1. Using the half-breath diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation
  2. Using basic diaphragmatic breathing to increase relaxation
  3. Using the five-finger exercise to increase positive emotions

Improving Sleep:

  1. Tips to improve sleeping habits
  2. Using the 20-minute method to help when you have trouble falling asleep

Coping Strategies/Meditation to Help with Crisis:

  1. Using distractions to tolerate emotional crisis
  2. Using meditation to accept and tolerate difficult emotions

More Advanced Relaxation/Meditation

  1. Using a loving-kindness mantra to increase positive emotions
  2. Explanation of using visualization and a quick demonstration
  3. Visualizing a beach scene for relaxation
  4. Using progressive muscle relaxation to reduce anxiety