Judges, moderators, and Zoom moderators needed!

Volunteers will receive detailed instructions (see below), and can participate in at training session on April 16 from 12-2PM EST.

Full instructions for Volunteers

The full guidelines for all symposium volunteers has been released on our 2021 Whalen landing page. This will be the "lobby" of our virtual symposium, and the way volunteers, presenters, and participants will navigate the conference.

Volunteer Roles

Our annual Whalen Symposium is a great success because of all the support we receive each year from faculty and staff. If you or members of your department are able to join us this year for the 24th Annual Whalen Symposium, on April 19, 20, and 21, 2021 from 4PM-7PM EST,  by volunteering as an Abstract Reviewer, Finalist Judge, Moderator, or Time Keeper/Zoom Moderator, we'd be glad to have you. 

Abstract Reviewer
Reviewers will electronically review 3-6 abstracts (500-750 words per abstract) based on a provided rubric to determine finalist presentations which will be highlighted at the Symposium.  Award winners will be selected from the pool of finalists at the Symposium! Reviewers will be assigned abstracts by area of expertise, or as needed. Abstracts will be sent to reviewers on March 22, and they will be due back by March 29 at 11:59PM EST. Sign up to be an abstract reviewer.

Finalist Judge
On the day of the Symposium, judges will be assigned abstracts and presentations to grade based on a provided rubric. Judges will navigate the Zoom rooms and attend presentations as needed. You will need to quickly submit your graded rubrics to the Whalen Coordinator before the end of the conference. You will need to be available for at least 1.5 hours of the conference. Sign up to be a finalist judge.

On the day of the Symposium, Moderators will be asked to welcome attendees, introduce speakers, and facilitate brief Q+A's. Moderators will also be responsible for assisting attendees with navigating Zoom and the online conference space. You will need to be available for at least 1.5 hours of the conference. Sign up to be a moderator.

Time Keeper / Zoom Moderator
On the day of the Symposium, Time Keepers will be asked to monitor Zoom rooms for appropriate conduct and admit users as needed. Time Keepers will also be responsible for messaging student presenters to remind them of when their presentation time is up. You will need to be available for at least 1.5 hours of the conference. Sign up to be a Time Keeper / Zoom Moderator.

Please contact whalen@ithaca.edu with questions or concerns.

Thank you for volunteering. This symposium would not be possible without your help!