The Power of "We"

Business is about people, and our business school is a place for building relationships. Every day, we connect students, faculty, and alumni. We do it on campus, online, and out in the world. We celebrate the new ideas, collaborations, and career opportunities that come from this sense of community. There is power in the word “we,” and there’s more of a “we” at Ithaca College than at most other business schools.

People of Progress

How to describe the typical Ithaca College Bomber? There’s really no one type—just words that come to mind: Creative. Collaborative. Passionate. Engaged. Supportive. Bombers see progress not as something that happens but as something you make.  Want some examples? Here are a few profiles of students, faculty, and alumni who embody values that are central to who we are.

Annemarie Farrell, Associate Professor, Sport Management

Tim Locastro, Major League Baseball Player

Evan Robbins '87, President/Founder of Breaking the Chain Through Education

Alison Shields, Associate Professor of Marketing

Start a Conversation

Of course, the community goes way beyond just a few people. You will find successful Bombers in every industry from financial services to media, from public accounting to fashion retail. How can you start connecting? Follow our various accounts:
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Reach out to us, and we’ll introduce you to students, faculty, and alumni working on things that interest you. Start a conversation. It may last a lifetime