Culture and Communication is a unique and worthwhile option for students seeking choice and an interdisciplinary education. Culture and Communication is one of the only majors at Ithaca College that draws upon resources from all schools, including the Roy H. Park School of Communication. One of the most exciting aspects of the major is the amount of choice and control students have to create their own concentration. Here, students along with their advisor, create their own self-designed concentration, consisting of a suite of 6 courses from across the curriculum. The creation of this concentration is designed to allow students to integrate their strongest interest into the major. Currently, students have created robust concentrations in the areas of:

  • Social Justice

  • Political Communication

  • Race and Public Policy

  • Law and Justice

  • Religious Communication

  • Propaganda      

  • International Communication 

  • Media Studies

  • Visual Communication

In addition, many of our majors choose from a wide variety of study abroad opportunities and do so without experiencing difficulty in transferring those earned credits back into their field of study. To date, our majors have studies around the world, including places like: South Africa, London, Brazil, India, Germany, Ecuador, amongst other places. Want to see our students engaged in the classroom and around the world? If so, check out this ever growing photo gallery

Interested in learning more about the major, contact Dr. Donathan Brown at dlbrown@ithaca.edu.