After graduating from IC in 2015 with a B.S. in Environmental Science, I taught English in France while I applied to graduate schools. Twelve months after graduation, I started my ecology-biogeochemistry dual title Ph.D. program at the Pennsylvania State University.

My research focus is on carbon and nutrient cycling in agricultural ecosystems. Specifically, I am investigating the mechanisms behind the vertical distribution of phosphorus in conservation-oriented cropping systems. Phosphorus inputs from farms are a major driver of the eutrophication problem for aquatic ecosystems around the world, so understanding phosphorus dynamics can ameliorate conservation efforts.

A Ph.D. is providing me with the opportunity to investigate a subject I am extremely passionate about: agricultural sustainability. It is also gives me the time to reflect upon and explore what I would like to pursue for my career. My current trajectory will likely take me to an environmental scientist position for a consulting agency, but if there is an ideal postdoctoral position available, staying in academia is another great option.