At this time, due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, only students with an internship opportunity that involves working remotely may submit an Internship Learning Contract to be registered in a credit-bearing internship course for summer 2020 and fall 2020. No on-site internship opportunities will be considered until further notice.

The new Remote Learning Contract is live now and can be found here.

How can I get credit for an internship?

Internships are offered for credit through specific H&S departments and programs (consult the catalog for details). Typically, H&S programs require students to have completed a substantial portion of a major or minor course of study before they are eligible to undertake an Internship; in this way, students are prepared to get the most out of these experiential learning opportunities. Some programs also limit the number of credits that can be applied towards graduation requirements in the major or minor. Note that no more than 12 credits in any combination of internship projects can be counted toward the 120 credits required for graduation.

All credit-bearing Internships require approval in advance. Students must submit an online learning contract for approval before the semester or term in which the internship will take place. Because learning contracts require approval by the faculty sponsor, the faculty sponsor’s department chair, the site supervisor at the work location, and the H&S Dean's office, students are advised to begin the learning contract process well in advance. Late learning contracts will not be accepted. Be sure to review the H&S Guidelines for Credit-Bearing Internships, including responsibilities of student, site supervisor, and faculty sponsor, before submitting the Learning Contract.

Once the Internship has been approved, the Dean's office works with the office of the registrar to facilitate the student's registration in the appropriate section; students and faculty will receive confirmation of the approval and registration via email. Note that in order for registration to take place:

  • students must be in good academic standing without warning for grades (warning for credits alone is acceptable)
  • students must not have any holds on their student account
  • students must have room in their schedules to permit the addition of the internship course.

Note that students being paid for a community-based internship with work study funds may not enroll in a credit-bearing internship.

Students may also enroll in credit-bearing internships during winter and summer sessions. For these opportunities, students must also submit a learning contract to the H&S Dean's office no later than the published deadline for H&S (for winter/summer session internship enrollment). Students enrolled in Internship courses during the winter or summer sessions will be charged per-credit tuition, at the rate established by the Office of Extended Studies (607-274-3143).

To view an example of a completed Internship Learning Contract, please click here

A note about transfer credits

Students will not be granted transfer credits for internships from anywhere outside of Ithaca College. This stipulation includes programs like the Disney College Program. We cannot award credit for an internship from a Disney transcript.

For more information, contact the H&S Dean's office (607-274-3102) or email hsadmin@ithaca.edu.

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

Student Affairs and Campus Life offers harassment and discrimination prevention training for Ithaca College students, faculty, and staff. Students completing a for-credit internship, in the School of Humanities and Sciences, are required to complete the online course. The online course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Students will need to print and/or save the certificate of completion in order to provide the Dean's Office with a copy for our records. Students should submit the certificate with their internship learning contract or email it to hsadmin@ithaca.edu. Learning contracts cannot be approved without the certificate of completion. Students who are planning to complete multiple internships will only need to complete the online course once.

Any student who is interested (not just those completing for-credit internships) in completing the online course is encouraged to do so. Remember to print or save your certificate of completion in the event you need it for a future internship, volunteer placement, or other opportunity.

Additional information regarding policies, Title IX, and training is available on the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education (SHARE) web page for Student Affairs and Campus Life.

How do I find an internship?

To begin your search, try using resources from the Office of Career Services (see below). Advisers can also be a great resource! Ask your adviser if they know of any opportunities or if they have any suggestions on where to begin. Look for opportunities that interest you, be sure to leave plenty of time to apply, and ask for letters of recommendation in advance.

Learning Contract Deadlines

Learning Contracts for enrollment in internship courses in H&S are due in the H&S Dean's Office no later than the dates and times posted below.  Students are not allowed to begin their internships until their learning contract has been approved and they have been registered in the course by the dean's office. Although it is preferable for the dean's office to receive learning contracts by the end of the previous term to allow plenty of time for registration, we recognize that sometimes it takes time to negotiate placements.

For summer and winter internships, the deadline is five days before the start of the internship, or the date below, whichever comes first.

Spring 2020

Block II - Monday, March 16 by 4:00pm

Summer 2020

Wednesday, July 15

Fall 2020

Full Semester and Block I- Last Day of Add/Drop, Sunday, August 30

Block II - Sunday, October 25