Design your path to a career in engineering

By following our 3-2 degree program, you can obtain both an engineering degree and a physics degree.

Student 3D prints a hand in an engineering and design lab.

With our 3-2 engineering program, you get a physics degree from Ithaca College and an engineering degree from an engineering school. While engineering degrees are quite popular, our program sets you apart from the rest by also providing you with a physics degree.

In the first three years, you will start out with fundamental physics courses. In your fourth and fifth years, you will transfer to your engineering program, using many of your Ithaca College courses as credit toward your engineering degree. At the end of the fifth year, you will transfer back the credits needed to complete your Ithaca College Physics Degree.

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Students who have graduated in the 3-2 Program have gone on to careers in:

Photovoltaic Design at Solar City
Architecture and Civil Engineering, designing high-rise buildings in New York City
Trading Systems Analysis at Hudson RiverTrading
Data Science at Data Robot
Designing LIDAR Systems for Autonomous Vehicles at Z-senz
Engineering Manufacturing Systems at Corning