Investigate physical principles

Physics students work with a pulley system in an intermediate physics lab.

We designed the Physics B.S. to give you a thorough background across all major sub-fields in physics and to focus on significant research experience. The B.S. carries the requirement of a senior thesis based on professional-level research conducted with one or more of our faculty. Because of its comprehensive nature, our B.S. physics degree is tailored more to people interested in a graduate school track or industry career in physics, but will also prepare you very well for graduate work in  a closely related field like astronomy or geophysics.


Possible Careers with a Physics, B.S.

Student working in a research lab.

Students who have graduated with a BS degree in Physics have gone on to careers in:

Material Reliability Engineering at Apple

Medical Science at NYU

Solar Physics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Biomedical Engineering at Blue Origin

Acoustic Physics at SoundSense