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Our department strives to be a diverse and thriving community wherein all members feel a sense of belonging, understand and value each other's experiences, and are supported to achieve success.

Faculty and Staff Education

faculty in 2019

Faculty and staff should educate themselves on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and on the means to combat racism and become inclusive of all students in our department. This work should take place both through formal professional development and informal research and discussions at the department and college level.

Student Education

Students work in a team

Students should be educated about diversity, equity, and inclusion and be exposed to the experiences of their peers. Faculty and students can support student education both formally in the classroom and seminar series and informally through extra-curricular discussions and informative displays designed for our hallways and classrooms.


Beth working with Stavrani.

To promote a sense of belonging in the department and in the field of physics/astronomy, our students must see themselves reflected in the faculty and staff and in invited guests to the department.

Student Support

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Students will flourish when provided with a wealth of support that includes strong mentorship, academic support and enrichment, a clear path for reporting bias and other issues encountered in the department, and opportunities to relieve financial pressures.


Women in physics

Students who feel a sense of belonging are more likely to stay at Ithaca College, graduate with a degree in physics/astronomy, and remain in the field post-graduation. Community should be fostered within the department, within the greater Ithaca College and City of Ithaca communities, and within the physics/astronomy community at large.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

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Our curriculum should meet the needs of our students by scaffolding the skills needed for success in the major and offering degree pathways that prepare students equally well for graduate work or the STEM workforce. Our pedagogy should remain on the cutting edge through implementation of research-based practices and must be inclusive of all students.

DEI Leadership

Kemi in lab

Making significant progress towards becoming an anti-racist and inclusive department will require the hard work of a majority of the members of the department. The anti-racism action team will remain an active body that works with the department community and develops connections on campus and in the greater field of physics/astronomy to enact change.

Anti-racism Action Plan

Learn more about the department's plan to tackle racism in the classroom and our community.