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The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a wide variety of courses for many different audiences.
Important Note

Review the course catalog with your advisor to be sure your course of interest fits into your declared major before enrolling.

Interested in a physics major or our 3-2 physics-engineering program?

  • Our major sequences start with PHYS 121, "Light and Special Relativity." The course covers topics that aren't traditionally covered in high school physics, like relativity, optics, quantum physics and wave phenomena.
  • Please reach out to a faculty member in our department to learn more about our majors and how to make a seamless transition into physics or engineering!

Interested in a physics minor?

  • If you’ve already been excited by physics in PHYS 101 and 102, you can complete a minor with 12 additional credits, including credits from any of the courses listed in the elective list below.
  • We recommend that students starting their physics journey consider enrolling in PHYS 121, which covers exciting topics that push the limits of physics like relativity and quantum physics. Students starting on this track are recommended to continue with the calculus-based sequence of PHYS 122, 123, and 224. Then, only an additional four credits are needed.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out to one of us with more questions! 

Elective Courses

  • ASTR 174: Solar System Astronomy
  • ASTR 175: Stars, Galaxies and the Universe
  • PHYS 104: Physics of Human Movement
  • PHYS 143: Power: Energy Options for a Global Society
  • PHYS 147: Time to Act! The Science and Politics of Climate Change
  • PHYS 160: Physics of Sound
  • PHYS 171: Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World