Combine your love of physics with your other interests.

Students in chemistry and physics collaborate in a research lab.

The Applied Physics B.S. is a flexible program that takes the liberal arts core of the fundamental natural science, physics, and combines it with any number of other areas of knowledge. This program will prepare students equally well for jobs in industry or graduate school in engineering or other applied fields. 

The program is targeted at students who are interested in math and science, with an emphasis on transition into the STEM workforce. 

Applied Physics Fields

In our applied physics programs, you have an opportunity to apply your physics knowledge to the field and interest of your choice by taking the first two years' of physics curriculum combined with 12 credit hours in another field. Scroll down to see some examples of applied physics fields! 

Two students work on a thermodynamics lab.

Chemistry/Material Science  

CHEM 121 + 122 Principles of Chemistry + Lab (3 + 1 cr) 
CHEM 221 + 223 Organic Chemistry I + Lab (3 + 1 cr) 
CHEM 222 + 224 Organic Chemistry II + Lab (3 + 1 cr) 

Ted works on a physics simulation.

Computational Physics  

COMP 171 Principles I (4 cr) 
COMP 172 Principles II (pre-req: COMP 171, 4 cr) 
COMP 220 Introduction to Data Structures (pre-req: COMP 172; 4 cr) 

Students look at a laptop.

Data Science  

(after Calc III) 

MATH 214 Differential Equations (3 cr) 
MATH 216 Statistical Analysis (3 cr) 
MATH 246 Intermediate Statistics (3 cr) 
MATH 348 Modern Data Science with R (pre-req: MATH 246; 3 cr) 

Students use lab equipment.

Environmental Science  

ENVS 120 Environmental Sentinals (4 cr) 
ENVS 121 Introduction to Environmental Science and Technology (4 cr) 
ENVS 147 Time to Act: The Science and Politics of Climate Change (3 cr) 


ENVS 232 Critical Skills in Environmental Research and Practice (? cr) 
Or ENVS 243 Sustainable Energy: Powering the World (4 cr) 

Students measure bounciness of a ball.

Health and Exercise Sciences  

EXSS 120: Anatomy and Physiology I (4 cr) 
EXSS 121: Anatomy and Physiology II (pre-req: EXSS 120; 4 cr) 
EXSS 220: Kinesiology (pre-req: EXSS 120; 4 cr) 

Students working on math problems.


(after Calc III) 

MATH 214 Differential Equations (3 cr) 
MATH 216 Statistical Analysis (3 cr) 
MATH 231 Linear Algebra (3 cr) 
MATH 270 Mathematical Reasoning with Discrete Mathematics (pre-req: MATH 231; 3 cr)