For Alumni

Your relationship with the Ithaca College physics & astronomy community did not stop when you graduated. We worked hard to help you take the next step in your career, and we enjoy hearing about what you are doing with your Ithaca College physics or astronomy experience. As an alumnus of the physics & astronomy program, you serve as a role model for new students, helping to show them all of the possibilities that an IC physics degree can bring.

Now that you have a real job, you are also a financial resource that can help us provide our current students with all of the awesome things that made your experience so excellent. Remember all of that pizza you ate at the physics & astronomy seminars? Did you get to go to a local, regional, or national conference? Maybe you did some work for the department as a grader or as an assistant setting up lab equipment. Alumni donations to the department help fund all of these aspects of the Ithaca College physics & astronomy experience. Without your support we cannot make all of these things happen.

Here's what you can do to keep the Ithaca College Department of Physics & Astronomy one of the best in the country:

  1. Keep your information updated by sending contact info and news to physics@ithaca.edu. We will soon have an alumni information form on this site.
  2. Make annual donations to the department through the IC Annual Fund for Humanities & Sciences.
  3. Give a physics & astronomy seminar here at the College about your current work and how your IC physics experience helps you in your job.
  4. Visit Ithaca and participate in Alumni Weekend or Homecoming.

Physics and Astronomy Alumni Update Form coming soon...