The Proposed Ithaca College Naked-Eye Observatory

The Ithaca College Naked-Eye Observatory is a proposed integrative outdoor educational facility that we are designing for visitors to learn about the stars and our sky without the aid of telescopes or other modern devices. For some visitors our observatory may conjure images of Stonehenge in Great Britain, Tiwanaku in Bolivia, or Teotihuacan in Mexico. In fact the Ithaca College Naked-Eye Observatory is inspired by all of these ancient celestial observatories and the cultures who devised and used them. By visiting our facility you can learn about these cultures, view the stars and planets in our sky with your own eyes, and also see images captured during special open house nights by the Ithaca College Clinton B. Ford Observatory’s 16” telescope.

Description of the Project

file-outline Description of the Project - Project_Overview_1.pdf (651.58 KB)