Legal Studies (B.A.)

Legal Studies at Ithaca College is an interdisciplinary program.

Legal studies is good preparation for careers in law, business, politics, the non-profit sector, the criminal justice system, international human rights, social advocacy, community organizing,  and graduate programs in many of the social sciences and humanities.

Core Requirements

Core requirements expose students to the political,  sociological, philosophical, economic, and communicative elements of law. Students learn legal concepts, legal analysis, legal language, and how legal institutions function within larger contexts.

Core requirements prepare students to create a self-designated concentration tailored to individual student interests and with the guidance of a legal studies advisor.

Beyond the Classroom

Mock trial provides students with an opportunity to argue legal cases in a simulated courtroom setting.

Pre-law advising provides preparation and advice for students interested in attending law school.

Degree Requirements

For more information on what's required to graduate with a major in Legal Studies, click here.