Student Projects

Back to the Future: The What Ifs of the 2020 Election

Pictured here: a poster for the "Back to the Future: The What Ifs of the 2020 Election". The flyer has a light blue background with question marks, and the text reads: "The IC Politics Department presents Back to the Future: The What Ifs of the 2020 Election. October 29, 2020, 6PM to 7PM (via Zoom). Join faculty and students for a discussion about key issues of the election, and about the hopes and fears that the 2020 voting season is eliciting. For access to this event, please email".

A group of motivated students organized a remote event to break down key points and the high stakes of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Highlighted speakers included both professors and students, and gave space for attendees to openly discuss their concerns about the current state of U.S. politics.

"It was my job to tell families their time was up. I heard their stories and shared their tears. I witnessed atrocities that highlighted the unnatural character of their separation. And, contrastingly, I saw examples of people coming together as a community and being driven by hope and determination to change the course of history”

Gabriel Fernandes