Listing of recent 400-level Politics seminars

Comparative and International Studies (POLT 40100-40199)

POLT 40101 Writing and Criticism Naeem Inayatullah

POLT 40102, 40105 Nationalism, Populism, and Conflict Chip Gagnon

POLT 40103 Politics and the Holocaust Don Beachler

POLT 40104 Catholics and Politics Juan Arroyo

POLT 40106 Empire and Political Theory Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 40106 Conspiracy Politics, Theory & Research Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

POLT 40107 Comparative Social Movements Patricia Rodriguez

POLT 40108 Citizenship and Social Movements Patricia Rodriguez

POLT 40109 Politics of Military Presence Kelly Dietz

POLT 40110 Struggles of People and Place Kelly Dietz

POLT 40111 Theories of Exploitation Naeem Inayatullah

POLT 40112 Global Indigenous Struggles Patricia Rodriguez

POLT 40113 Imperialisms in the Asia-Pacific Kelly Dietz

POLT 40114 The US Empire Asma Barlas

POLT 40115 International Negotiation Juan Arroyo

POLT 40116 Writing and Criticism: IR Naeem Inayatullah

Other seminars (POLT 40200 - 40299)

POLT 40200 Social and Racial Justice Carlos Figueroa

POLT 40201 Theory of Empire Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 40202 Politics and Culture Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 40203 Persistence of the Dialectic Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 40204 Truth & Illusion in Politics Alexander Moon

POLT 40204 DuBois & C.L.R. James Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 40205 Faith & Race in US Politics Carlos Figueroa

POLT 40206 Gender Based Violence & the State Sumru Atuk

POLT 40207 Applied Political Theory: The matter of lives & deaths Sumru Atuk

POLT 40208 The Politics of US Labor Carlos Figueroa

Tutorials (POLT 40300 & POLT 40400)

  • POLT 403xx: International/Comparative Studies tutorials
  • POLT 404xx: Other tutorials

POLT 40300 Research Methods in Politics, Policy, and IR Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

POLT 40301 International Negotiation Juan Arroyo