Listing of recent 300-level Selected Topics Courses by Area

Selected Topics courses are special courses that are not listed in the catalog, but which are offered by Politics faculty, usually on an irregular basis.   Each subfield in the department has Selected Topics offerings:


US Politics (POLT 31900 and POLT 32000)

POLT 31900 Faith and Race in US Politics Carlos Figueroa (Spring 2017)  

POLT 31900 US Labor & the Civil Rights Movement Carlos Figueroa (Spring 2021)

POLT 32000 Politics of US Citizenship Carlos Figueroa (Fall 2014; Fall 2018)    

POLT 32000 Elections in the US  Don Beachler (Spring 2019, Fall 2020)

POLT 32000 Politics of Criminal Justice in the US Don Beachler (Spring 2020)

POLT 32000 Constitutional Law: National Powers & Federalism Alex Moon (Fall 2020)

Comparative and International Studies (POLT 34000 - POLT 34099)

For the purposes of the international studies concentration in the major, and for the International Politics minor, selected topics courses are identified as either "theme" or "place" courses, as listed below:

'Theme' courses

POLT 34002  Pirates & Mercenaries: Sovereignty in the Int'l System Chip Gagnon

POLT 34003  Militarization of Everday Life  Kelly Dietz

POLT 34004  The Politics of Global Capitalism Don Beachler

POLT 34005  International Organizations Juan Arroyo

POLT 34006 Rebellions: Violence and Peace Patricia Rodriguez

POLT 34008 Working Beyond Borders: Identity, Justice, and Ethics Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

POLT 34009 The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention Asma Barlas

POLT 34010 Catholics and Politics Juan Arroyo

POLT 34011 Human Rights and Genocide Amy Rothschild

POLT 34011 Gender and Globalization Begum Adit (Spring 2015)

POLT 34012 Race and International Relations Theory Naeem Inayatullah

POLT 34013 Global Indigenous Struggle  Patricia Rodriguez

POLT 34014 Terrorism and Insurgencies  Chip Gagnon

POLT 34015 International Human Rights Law Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

POLT 34016 Sex/Gender Systems in the World Naeem Inayatullah

'Place' courses

POLT 34050 Politics in East Asia Kelly Dietz

POLT 34051 European Union Juan Arroyo

POLT 34052 Political Violence and Human Rights in Latin America Patricia Rodriguez

POLT 34053 Africa in World Politics Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

POLT 34054 The Holocaust Don Beachler

POLT 34055 Politics of Security in East Asia Kelly Dietz

Political Theory (POLT 35000 - POLT 35099)

POLT 35001 Governing Gender Sumru Atuk

POLT 35002 Dialogue and Dialectics Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 35004 Continental Political Thought Evgenia Ilieva

POLT 35005 Writing and Criticism Naeem Inayatullah

POLT 35006 Truth, Illusion and Politics Alex Moon

POLT 35006 Race in modern political theory Alex Moon

POLT 35007 Encounters between Indigenous & European Cosmologies Naeem Inayatullah

POLT 35008 Radical Critique of Society  Alex Moon

Public Policy (POLT 37000 - POLT 37099)

POLT 37000 Politics of Wealth and Poverty Don Beachler

POLT 37000 Politics of Health Care Don Beachler

POLT 37000 Labor Policy Don Beachler

POLT 37000 Race, Class and Geographies of Housing Carlos Figueroa

POLT 37000 Drug Politics, Policy, Law Tom Shevory

POLT 37000 US Poverty and Public Policy Carlos Figueroa