Internships and Jobs

Why Consider Doing an Internship?

The Ithaca College Politics Department attempts to serve its students by providing a broad, interesting and rigorous academic program. Part of our mission is also to offer opportunities for our students to participate experientially in various spheres of political life. We hope internship experiences can help students who want to “try out” possible careers, build professional networks, gain real workplace skills, and find out what you do (and don’t) like to do when you are at work. Students work closely with Politics faculty members as they decide on internships and goals.

Politics Internship for Credit

Students may wish to pursue internships for experience and personal interest without gaining academic credit. Such internships are valuable for overall professional and personal growth. However, students interested in pursuing an internship for academic credit will consult and work with the following individuals:

(a) A Faculty Sponsor in the Politics Department, (b) The designated site supervisor at their internship of interest, and (c) the Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Office during the approval process. We also encourage all intending interns to reach out to Career Services for input.

Students must receive approval for the proposed internship, develop learning goals in consultation with the internship faculty sponsor, work under the supervision of the internship director and complete related academic assignments. All academic internships require departmental as well as H&S approval.  See link at the bottom of this page for information on the H&S approval process.

Eligibility: To be eligible, students must have Sophomore or higher standing.  In addition, prospective interns must complete (a) the Preparation for Politics internship reading(s) and answer a series of questions (about what they may be seeking to add with the internship), and (b) the Harassment Prevention Training (details below).

Credit Hours: For a 1-credit internship, students must work a minimum of 45 hours over the course of the semester (usually 14 weeks). 3 credit internships thus require a minimum of 135 hours over the course of the semester. If done over the summer, please note that students will have to enroll in summer school at the designated cost per credit.  Internships can be used to fulfill one of the 300-level course requirements for the Politics major.

For more information on internships for credit, and to apply for IC credit for an internship, go here:

Internships for credit in H&S


We encourage students to explore local internships in public, private and non-profit organizations that provide all kinds of services to the citizens of Tompkins County.

We also encourage students to consider internships beyond the confines of the local community. For instance, the Assembly of the State of New York offers semester long internships in Albany that are competitive and also paid; students apply for the internships early in the Fall semester for participation in the spring. Students have also worked with national policymakers, and in major media and non-governmental organizations.

In addition, our students often do internships in international settings and organizations of interest to them, that enhance their experiences during semesters or summers abroad, such as with the European Union in Brussels and the International Conference on AIDS and HIV.

Internship opportunities

Here is a website with a list of internship opportunities for students to inquire about locally, nationally, and internationally.  The website also includes notes on faculty interests and connections with such organizations