Politics (B.A.)

Our innovative politics major prepares you for the challenges of modern society: we want you to understand how political, economic, cultural, sexual, and racial power structures work.

Our interdisciplinary, transnational, and cross-cultural curriculum is designed to be flexible, and it includes nontraditional coursework that emphasizes analysis of the relationships of power. You have the freedom to choose from course options to develop traditional and/or more innovative methods of study.

Politics B.A. w/ a Concentration in International Studies

If you want to focus your studies on global issues, you can declare a concentration in international studies. The concentration requires an extra international politics course beyond the regular major, plus a course in either history or anthropology. You’ll choose your upper-level politics courses from the wide range of globally focused courses offered by the department. You’ll also take six credits of a second language beyond the regular politics language requirement. Click here for more information.

Legal Studies (B.A.)

The core elements of the major give students a competitive edge by balancing liberal arts and applied theory.

Law affects society at virtually every level and touches almost every profession. That’s why the legal studies major and minor offer students the opportunity to learn about the ideas, institutions, and processes of law from multiple perspectives.

You’ll examine the various social, political, philosophical, and sociological factors that shape the evolution and application of law in our society. You’ll also study the relationship between the law and diversity issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, and class.

Our major and minor programs stress the interdisciplinary nature of law while providing a broad spectrum of academic and professional options in not only law but business, teaching, public policy, health administration, and social work.