"When I think about all of the things I can do with a degree in Politics, and the changes I can make in this country, there is nothing else I'd rather do with my life." —Alana Aleman

We asked our students why they studied politics. Here are some of their answers:
Intellectually innovative

"The department is one of the most intellectually innovative at Ithaca. The professors are so involved and dynamic that it's hard not to feel inspired.  The diversity of interests allows students to specialize in just about whatever intrigues them-whether it's Islam, feminism, law, or area studies around the world."

~Jesse Katen

Improving lives of my brothers and sisters

"Part of me has always been interested in politics--that's the part of me that wants to save the world. I'm not saying that a B.A. in politics will immediately lead to the end of world hunger, but for me to do my part in improving the lives of my brothers and sisters, I have to understand the causes of our problems and the institutions involved in developing solutions."

~Alexander Justice Moore

Informed choices

“I study politics because I want to be able to make informed choices, and to know my role in systems of oppression.”


Department's talent and curricula

"As a Park Scholar, I came to Ithaca College set on being a Journalism student. After my first class in the Politics department (Intro to Global Studies), I knew that I not only wanted to pursue politics at IC, but that I wanted to double major and be able to take advantage of the departments full range of talent and curricula. I hope to be a political journalist for a newspaper or magazine after I graduate from IC."

~Chris Baxter

Shape the world

“I care about politics because I can’t afford not to; it is what I’m passionate about and I hope to use it as a tool to shape the world.”


Understand subtle connections

“Whether you are interested in the sciences and technologies, the stock market and multinational corporations, social welfare and civil rights, or anything in between, a good background in the sociopolitical field will only help you understand better all other fields of study and see the subtle connections between them."


Change is possible

“I study politics because I know change is possible if we transform our thinking and unlock the potential of our current systems.”


Seek the truth

"But more than anything, the politics major will create in you the incentive to seek the truth in life beyond the realm of norm and popular discourse; it will inspire you to be better informed and more aware of your surroundings and the realities in the world, the way that any person who claims to be living in a democratic society should be."

~Ivan Topalov

Furthering society

“Politics is about furthering society and protecting humanity. It is my duty to fulfill those ideals.”