Important! Students should not begin their internships until their proposal has been approved and they are enrolled in the appropriate course.

Deadlines for Fall and Spring Semesters

The deadline for students to submit proposed H&S Internship Learning Contracts to the H&S Dean's Office is the last day of Add/Drop for full semester and block I courses. Please check with the H&S Dean’s office for information regarding the summer internships deadline.

Internship Proposal/Application Process

You will need to take four major steps to ensure you are effectively enrolled in a credit bearing internship.

1. Find an internship site that agrees to host you as an intern under the guidance of a site supervisor, who will evaluate you at the end of the semester.

2. Find a Politics Faculty Sponsor: It is your responsibility to reach out to any Politics faculty member willing to serve as your internship sponsor for an internship opportunity. You can learn more about the areas of interest of faculty members from the department website.

3. Complete an Internship Learning Contract with the assistance of your faculty sponsor. In particular, faculty sponsors are expected to complete the section regarding how the course will be graded. Politics students will also be prompted to prepare for politics internships and to complete a Harassment Prevention Training (see training requirements below)

4. After approval of your Learning Contract, check to ensure you have been duly registered for the course.

For complete information about policy and procedures regarding internships courses and the proposal process in H&S, please review the H&S web page at:

Important Notes:

Complete forms must include all required signatures; it is acceptable for site supervisors to either email directly, or fax their signatures to the H&S Dean’s office at 274-1845, if a signature cannot be obtained on the original Learning Contract form.

The proposal forms are fillable PDF forms—we do not accept handwritten applications. Note to Mac users: these forms work best with Adobe Reader rather than Preview. Please do not print out/submit the cover page as part of the application. 

If you have questions about H&S internship approvals, please email  or contact Rachel Balzano, Program Specialist, at 274-3409, directly.


A) Preparation for Politics Internship

Students will run through focused reading(s) that will introduce them to internships and help students make the best of their internship opportunity. After completing the reading(s), students will be asked to answer a few questions that prompt their reflections on how they see the internship component adding to their course-work in the Politics Department, and concerns they may have. Politics faculty sponsors can be consulted on matters pertaining to the putting together of the Internship Learning Contract, as well as ideas and expectations of experiential sociopolitical engagement.




B) Harassment Prevention Training

The School of Humanities and Sciences requires students enrolling in internships to participate in this training. This training is provided as an online course that takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete; access to the Harassment Prevention Training online course is located under the College’s Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education (SHARE) web page. After completing the training, students should print and/or save a digital copy of the certificate of completion. Students can either include a hard copy of the certificate when they submit their Internship Learning Contract for review, or (our preference) they can submit a digital copy of the certification of completion to hsadmin@ithaca.eduProposals cannot be approved without the certificate of completion on file. 


For more information about Politics internships, contact the Politics Administrative Assistant, Kenesha Chatman located at Muller 309, who will direct you to the appropriate personnel.