Lecturer Terence Garahan Provides Expertise on Binghamton's Aftermath

Sociology Lecturer Terry Garahan is also a FBI-trained hostage negotiator and crisis counselor. He was asked by the Binghamton Press Bulletin to comment on stress disorders in the aftermath of this month's massacre at the American Civil Association. The April 4, 2009, article discussed the effect of tragedies on survivors, such as those who were in the Association's building on that Friday. When asked about reactions to events such as the shooting, Terry noted that witnesses and victims might develop acute stress disorder, a psychological condition with similar symptoms to post-traumatic stress disorder. Terry clarified that "acute stress disorder occurs immediately after the event,"  and that individuals often "attempt to avoid stimuli that arouse recollections of the trauma. But these are normal responses to an abnormal event." Also, Terry provided crisis counseling to hundreds of people in Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 survivors had recurring thoughts, flashbacks, a reduced awareness of their surroundings, numbness, an absence of emotional responses, and hyper-vigilance, characterized by an exaggerated startled response at loud noises or even a touch. The Binghamton group may experience similar feelings, as well.


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