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London Center Drama Program

Purpose of the Program
The purpose of the The Ithaca College London Center (ICLC) Theatre Program is to allow the student to experience the rich dramatic heritage of one of the great theatrical capitals. The student will have the opportunity to more closely understand the interrelationships between British drama and the rest of British cultural life during four major historical periods: (1) Tudor-Elizabethan-Jacobean; (2) Restoration and 18th Century; (3) Late Victorian and Edwardian; (4) Recent and Current 21st Century.

What classes you may take
Students are referred to the Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of courses available at ICLC. However, the typical theatre student takes THEA 34900 Interrelationships: British Drama and Cultural Life, 9 credits. This course includes lectures, discussions, intensive readings of British drama, and theatrical walks through London streets, theatres, and museums by a full time British theatre historian. In addition, students will see plays approximately twice a week, and guest lecturers will enhance the learning experience.

Other courses include:

  • THEA 13700 - Stage Combat
  • THEA 23000 - Introduction to British Styles of Acting (BA drama/theatre studies only)
  • THEA 33100 - Styles of Acting (BFA acting, musical theatre only)
  • THEA 491xx - Internship
  • ENGL 21900 - Shakespeare
  • PFMJ 30100 - Applied Voice (BFA musical theatre only)
  • ARTH 21700 - British Art and Architecture I: 1066-1660 (fall only)
  • ARTH 21800 - British Art and Architecture II: 1660-1914 (spring only)

In certain cases THEA 34800 Drama and the London Theatre may be taken for 3 credits, rather than the more intensive Interrelationships class. Students who might want this option are B.A. theatre studies majors who are double majoring and students who are doing intensive internships in London.

There are few General Education classes offered at the London Center, but SOCI 20200 Women in Britain fulfills the Self and Society requirement and is also an alternative course to a foreign language for B.A. theatre studies majors.

Students should contact the Office of International Programs for application deadlines and fee information.

It is recommended by the Department of Theatre Arts that students attend the ICLC at the following times:

  • B.F.A. Acting: Fall
  • B.F.A. Musical Theatre: Spring
  • B.S. Theatre Arts Management: In consultation with the TAM coordinator
  • B.F.A. Theatrical Production & Design:
    • Divided evenly by the Theatrical Production & Design faculty
    • The faculty ask every spring that students submit a short paragraph informing the faculty of their London intent to ensure that there will not be a disparity in any one semester. This paragraph should include the following information:
      • What semester they want to go
      • Why that semester in particular
      • Would they be willing to go in another semester
  • B.A. Theatre Studies
    • Either semester, but monitored by the B.A. area coordinator and the chair to ensure balanced classes in fall and spring semesters.
    • In order to ensure a balanced number of students going to London in fall and spring semesters, at midterm in the fall semester before the junior year the History of the Theatre class and the History of Costume and Décor class will be polled to determine approximate numbers for each semester at ICLC in the following academic year. If there is an imbalance, degree programs with flexibility, particularly the B.A. drama/theatre studies program, will find a way to evenly divide the students between fall and spring semester.

Theatre Arts faculty member Jack Hrkach offers more information and student input on the Ithaca College London Center on his webpage.

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