IC Theatre Presents "A Servant of Two Masters"

Carlo Goldoni’s play, "A Servant of Two Masters," is set to take the Earl McCarroll Studio Theatre stage in Ithaca College’s Dillingham Center. This classic of the commedia dell-arte style has been adapted by co-directors Freddy Villano and Paula Murray Cole, along with the company of actors. Performances will be held on April 14, 15, 21, and 22 at 8:00 pm, and at 2:00 pm on April 15, 16 and 22.

Tickets for "A Servant of Two Masters" are free but reservations are required. To reserve tickets e-mail icstudio2tam@gmail.com starting Monday, April 10th and indicate a first and second choice of performance date and time. All tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be picked up at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the performance.

Co-directors Villano and Cole have been working with the acting company to embody the commedia dell'arte style. They explain, “Commedia dell'arte is not a realistic acting style. There is no ‘fourth wall’ in commedia. The characters interact directly with the audience. Gestural language is as important as the verbal language. It is larger than life. It is truthful. Mega-truthful. It is also a moment-to-moment, present tense art form.”

The play's dramaturg, Andrew Reiter '17, explains the historical significance of this art form, "(this) Italian theatre form...dates back as early as the 1520s. Performed by character actors in troupes that travelled throughout Europe, the popularity of commedia quickly spread. Commedia made theatre accessible for people of all different backgrounds and levels of education; the actors would perform in found spaces in towns, rural areas, and cities, and would tailor their shows to suit the tastes of the audience. The troupes would perform preconceived storylines, but improvised much of the dialogue."

The cast of "A Servant of Two Masters" includes Sandra Sackey ’18, Hannah Anderson ’19, Michael Doliner ’17, Dakarai Brown ’20, Keara Byron ’19, Maya Jones ’20, James Kerr ’17, Jacob Ross ’19, Dan Krackhardt ’18, Dharon Jones ’20, Tate Tran ’20, Chris Farrell ’18, Grant Sanders ’20, Lawrence Bierria ’19, Steph Seiden ’18, Lucia Vecchio ’20, and Rachel Steiner ’19. The creative team includes, stage manager Karley Davis ‘19, assistant stage manager Sydney Scheer ‘20, dramaturg Andrew Reiter '17, scenic designer and props master Jesse Harron ‘19, and lighting designer Shane Hennessy ’19.

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Dillingham Center proudly accommodates all patrons. Individuals with special needs are asked to contact 607-274-3224 or email icstudio2tam@gmail.com to request accommodations as soon as possible.

Originally published in Intercom: IC Theatre Presents "A Servant of Two Masters"