Experiential Learning Programs

Emerson Summer Internship Program

Emerson Summer Internship Program

Each year the Emerson Internship Program gives a scholarship award to a student from each school at the College to support a summer internship.

The Program awards $3,000 to students who have a meritorious academic record, and who plan to participate in a summer internship that has direct relevance to the student's academic or career plans.

The H&S application to be the School's nominee has two components:

1) a letter of support from the faculty member who will serve as the sponsor for the internship - this letter should be sent directly to the H&S Dean's office, as an email attachment to hsadmin@ithaca.edu. The faculty sponsor letter should be in the dean's office by the deadline below.

2) a proposal of one to two pages that includes the following information:

  • your full name and permanent address
  • your major(s) (and minor(s) if any), and overall GPA
  • number of credits you will register for during the summer (awardees must register for at least one credit)
  • site and dates (estimate will suffice) of the internship, and a brief description of the nature of the organization and the internship responsibilities
  • a discussion of how the internship is integrated with your educational program, and your professional/career plans

Please name this document according to the following convention: (e.g., Smith,A_EmersonInternshipApp_Sum2018), and submit it as an email attachment to hsadmin@ithaca.edu; hard copies will not be accepted.

Additional information and updates can be found on the Office of the Provost's website. NOTE: The deadline for H&S applicants varies from the deadline set by the Office of the Provost. The H&S deadline is noon on April 11, 2018.

*Students should confirm their financial aid eligibility for the current academic year by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services (sfs@ithaca.edu; 607-274-3131) before submitting an application.

Application Deadline

The deadline for summer 2018 applications is noon on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. All application materials must be submitted via email to hsadmin@ithaca.edu.

An Overview of the Selection Criteria
  • Student will have completed at least 90 credits by the end of Summer 2018 (this summer internship can be counted toward the 90-credit requirement)
  • Student must apply for summer session registration for the internship (undergraduate credits only)
  • Student has demonstrated meritorious academic performance
  • Student must be eligible for financial aid (students must check with the Student Financial Services regarding their status)
  • The quality and academic/career relevance of the internship