This committee is responsible for promoting a safe and secure campus, the interrelation of the academic and social aspects of life on campus, assessing the quality of life on campus for the members of the community, including students, staff, and faculty, and sharing information and providing a forum for issues and concerns related to safety, security and campus life in general. The committee makes policy recommendations to the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life or other appropriate persons regarding safety, security, and campus life issues.

As required by New York State law, the College’s Advisory Committee on Campus Security and Campus Life shall review current campus security policies and procedures and make recommendations for their improvement.  It shall specifically review the current policies and procedures: (1) for educating the campus community about sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking (2) for educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention, (3) for reporting sexual assaults and dealing with victims during investigations, (4) for referring complaints to appropriate authorities, (5) for counseling victims, and (6) for responding to inquiries from concerned persons.  The committee shall report its findings and recommendations each academic year in writing to the President and the Vice-President for Educational Affairs. A copy of the report of the College Advisory Committee on Campus Security is available upon request.

This committee reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life. The committee elects its own chairperson.  The group meets regularly throughout the year and issues minutes and agenda of each meeting to the Faculty Council, Staff Council, Student Government, and the Residence Hall Association.