Consistent with our mission, vision, and guiding principles, it is our desire that your encounters with Public Safety members personify behaviors that are consistent with quality, caring, and value- driven service, as demonstrated by our actions and our words. We want to hear from you about how we’re doing.

Allegations of Misconduct

Public Safety has an established formal complaint process with procedures for addressing allegations of misconduct by Public Safety employees. These internal formal policies and guidelines provide for corrective action as appropriate, while at the same time protecting employees from unwarranted criticism when duties are properly performed.  In general, the process involves reporting the alleged misconduct to Public Safety who will collaborate with the Office of Human Resources on complaints regarding the misconduct of a Public Safety member. Public Safety ensures complaints are investigated and handled in a just manner, and takes into consideration the rights of the accused, the rights of the complainant, and the safety and needs of the college community while the investigation is being conducted.

  • Complainants are encouraged to submit complaints as soon as possible (immediately following the incident), to ensure accurate and detailed information is captured.
  • Complainants are strongly encouraged to submit complaints in writing using Complaint Form, although it is not necessary to submit a written complaint in order for it to be investigated. 
  • As an option, complainants may report in person (Farm Pond Road, 200 Center for Public Safety) or by phone (607-274-3333).  A supervisor is on duty at all times (24/7, year round) and complainants reporting in person or by phone should ask to speak with the on-duty supervisor. 
  • Complainants should be prepared to provide (at minimum) the date, time, location, and summary of the incident. Should the complaint involve a supervisor, complainants may opt to contact the Director and Chief of Public Safety at 607-274-3353 or by email.

Regardless of what method you choose to file a complaint, you can expect to be contacted for follow-up, as part of the investigation.

After a thorough investigation, Public Safety will inform the complainant of the findings of the investigation using one of the following dispositions:                  

  1. Unfounded: the investigation reveals the action(s) did not occur or the employee was not involved.
  2. Exonerated: the investigation reveals the action(s) occurred but that the action(s) was justified, lawful, and proper.
  3. Not Sustained: the investigation reveals insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the action(s) occurred.
  4. Sustained: the investigation reveals sufficient evidence to prove the action(s) occurred.

Please note that any disciplinary action taken will not be disclosed to the complainant, consistent with college policy regarding personnel matters.

After the investigation and complainant’s notification of disposition, if the complainant has further questions or concerns, the complainant may contact Bill Kerry, the Director and Chief of Public Safety at 607-274-3353 or by email.  Complainants may also contact Bonnie Prunty, Vice President, Student Affairs and Campus Life at (607) 274-3374 or by email.  The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management reports directly to Bonnie Prunty.