Self-Defense Programs Offered to IC Community

The 3-hour Self-Defense Workshop is for available for any IC community member and is a great way to become familiar with risk awareness and prevention, physical defense, and self-reliance.  This course doesn't take a lot of time, but gives you a lot of skills and training that enable you to feel empowered to defend yourself.  Register Today!

Participants will learn:

Risk Reduction Principles

  • Classwork includes techniques on personal self-awareness and surroundings
  • Enhance your preparedness for maintaining personal safety and empowerment

Physical self-defense techniques

  • Learn your physical strengths
  • Appropriate defense and targeting in confrontations

Simulations (Selected classes)

  • Opportunity to use techniques learned
  • Students respond in assault scenarios
  • Optional at student's discretion

Other Training Programs and Resources

Ithaca College offers a wide variety of sexual assault prevention training programs and resources for all community members throughout the year. View more information at the SHARE website.

Self-Defense Courses Available

Self-Defense Workshop (3-hour)

This 3-hour workshop includes content on risk awareness and prevention, physical defense, and developing self-reliance, all targeted specifically toward empowering participants.  The second session allows you to practice what you have learned in scenarios with real people.

Monday, April 22nd
Wednesday, April 24th
4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
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Self-Defense Workshop (3-hour)