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Being a 21st Century Artist

Why do the arts matter? To answer, you’ll explore what Art fundamentally is. Discuss Art’s place and function in society, its power of communication, how it is employed, and the role of the artist in 21st century society. What could life as a musician, actor, dancer, film-maker, visual artist, writer, or other artist look like, and why are we called to this discipline?  You’ll also address the current global health crisis and situate your work within our changing world.

Designing Video Games for Social Impact (FULL)

Learn how to design video games for social impact. Video games that do not only entertain but effect social good through their narrative, gameplay, and real-world calls to action. We will explore the craft of game design, the tenets of organizing for social change, and the art of narrative storytelling for gaming.  You will analyze a series of current games to learn how to match a social impact mission to video game mechanics and story elements. Including games like Papers Please (Immigration Policy), Florence (Relationships, Loss), Papo y Yo (Child Abuse), That Dragon, Cancer (Cancer Awareness), Flower (Environmental Awareness), and Salaam (Refugees Crises). You will examine real-life social impact successes to learn the universal skills for a social impact mission. Including GoFundMes,  civil rights activism, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And finally, you will collaborate in the design of your own social impact video game, story, and mission.  (Note: No computer science experience is required for this course.)

Food, You, and the World

How can we change the world by changing what we eat? Examine how our choices shape the world we live in. We all eat, and food affects almost every aspect of human life. Explore your relationship with food through a variety of food-based activities at home, in your community, and with classmates. Learn skills and develop ideas to help create a just, robust, and thriving food system—a food revolution for your future home at Ithaca College!  

Introduction to Human Performance: The Science of Exercise (FULL)

It is no secret that exercise has numerous health benefits that can help a wide array of individuals, from an elite-level athlete to a fitness-phobe. The vast amount of information regarding health and wellness is enough to overwhelm anyone, but understanding the basics can help make an exercise regimen more effective. The goal of this course is to help students become “educated consumers” of the health and wellness movement. Discussion will include topics such as how exercise affects the body, the importance of health and wellness to the general and athletic population, and popular claims in human performance.

The Knee Bone’s Connected to the…? Introduction to the Human Body (FULL)

Health professionals across multiple disciplines must work together in order to provide the best quality care for their patients. While the various treatments may look differently depending on one's career choice (whether that be on the field, in the operating room, or in the clinic), one thing remains the same: the language of anatomy. This course intends on developing the foundational understanding of the human body in order to enhance one's knowledge for future career endeavors including anatomical directions, bony landmarks, joints, muscle groups and much more.

Knowledge and Power in Academia: Toward Decolonial Thinking (FULL)

Explore texts by Latinx, Latin American, Indigenous, African, and Black Feminist writers to question why some knowledge is considered valuable while other knowledges are not.  How do we decolonize our minds? As we understand the role of Eurocentric thinking in learning spaces, we will question the power dynamics embedded in knowledge. Prepare to learn to unlearn!

Leadership and Resilience: An Exploration of Shackleton’s Endurance

In 1914, in one of the last major expeditions of the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration, Sir Earnest Shackleton and 27 sailors, 69 dogs, and one cat set sail to be the first people to cross the Antarctic continent. Surviving impossible odds, the crew provides one of the best examples of leadership and lessons in resilience—lessons especially important in modern times. Through a reading of Shackleton’s Endurance, you’ll be inspired to learn how we can overcome immeasurable odds. 


Hoping to manage the stress of transitioning to college? Explore various techniques of sitting and walking meditation. Meditation has been associated with health benefits such as reduction of stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as improvements in cardiovascular and digestive health. It's an effective tool for navigating the uncertainty in our lives. Join us as we cultivate an enhanced sense of balance, inner peace, and well-being. You'll learn transformative techniques for deep relaxation to help you throughout your college career and your entire life.

Money and You (sections FULL)

Consider various aspects of individual financial decision making. Topics covered include budgeting, management of credit cards & student loans, savings and checking accounts, use of renters’, travel insurance and health insurance and personal taxes, and how an individual's cultural perspective influences their approach to these issues.

Movies and Philosophical Conversation (sections FULL)

Watch movies like The Laramie Project and Captain America alongside readings in philosophy and be inspired to consider questions deeply and from different perspectives. Topics will include the existence of God, the nature of mind, personal identity, and moral responsibility.

Once Upon This Time: Reflecting on Fairy Tales (FULL)

Using the fairy tale genre and its storytelling patterns, students will use the process of reflective writing as a prompt for creative writing and self-discovery.

Reading Queer and Feminist Texts

Explore feminist and queer ideas through an intersectional lens. How does one book’s themes manifest differently for particular communities? Community will be a core focus for us, with the understanding that queer and feminist community is essential to the safety and thriving of women and LGBTQ2IA folx. Together we will dive deeply into one book’s queer and/or feminist ideas and seek fellowship and connection with one another along the way.

Self Care: An Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Studies (FULL)

Staying active and engaging in recreation and leisure activities has never been more important! With many recent changes to our “normal” behaviors and habits, it is critical to make time for self-care. In this course, you’ll identify, engage, and reflect on personal recreation and leisure so you can develop lifelong leisure habits.

Social Activist Theatre

From Oedipus to Hamilton, theatre has always sparked debate. Are you passionate about the ways in which politics and performance combine to produce or influence social change? Explore the history and practices of contemporary Social Activist Performance and develop your own monologue.  

Songwriter-Singers: Performance Practice and Community Building

Engage with folk music and with other students as you learn about writing and singing your own music and covering songs. Songwriters, singers, and listeners are welcome.

Teen Texts

Discover how “college-level” reading is not always about reading difficult texts but rather a process of reading critically and deeply. You’ll read three young adult novels as well as some critical theory; develop annotated bibliographies; and participate in the types of discussions that occur regularly in college courses.

Understanding Financial Investment (FULL)

This course will follow two tracks with each path helping to learn about the other.  The first track will explore famous investors and their strategies.  At the same time, the class will also be studying the different investable capital markets and exploring the differences between equity, fixed income, currency, and commodity markets. Students will be able to test their investment acumen in these different markets using a hypothetical portfolio.

Virtually Exploring the Options

Actively pursue knowledge of yourself, your educational options, and extra-curricular and professional interests, and learn research and decision-making strategies you’ll use in college and beyond. You will use a variety of tools—including readings, personal inventories, reflections, and faculty guidance—to determine your personal beliefs about your college education and your academic and professional goals and to develop your own educational plan for the life you want for the next four years.

Virtuoso Learning: Cultivating Artistry & Community as Performers

Are you preparing for an up coming performance event? As musicians, public speakers, actors, writers, athletes, teachers, dancers, or divers, Virtuoso Learning is designed to give incoming students skills and habits upfront, so they arrive ready to succeed academically, and equipped to support one another and find the support they need for success in performance. In addition to practical information about how to organize and prepare for auditions, performances, lessons, events, meets, presentations, or public speaking, this class also addresses the essential skills every performer needs for fostering a healthy mindset in the short and long term. 

Vocal Boot Camp (FULL)

This course is ideal for students who may be interested in taking voice lessons or becoming engaged in singing, acting or professional speaking activities. Some sessions will focus on the vocal instrument itself (vocal anatomy, posture, somatic disciplines, breath), others on what to do in the practice room and before a conference or performance (warm ups & cool downs, practice techniques, memory techniques, centering exercises), others on repertoire and language (intro to art song, opera, musical theater, and sung and spoken diction), and others on collaboration, poetry analysis, public speaking and recitation, and performance.