Packing List

If you have been accepted into one of our summer pre-college programs, we recommend bringing the following to Ithaca College.

Packing List

Will I need to bring additional money?
Pocket money will provide for incidentals such as snacks, supplies, movies, and miscellaneous purchases at the Campus Store. ATMs are available on campus. Unfortunately, personal checks cannot be cashed on campus.

What attire would be appropriate and what should I bring?
Dress will be informal. Be prepared for warm (occasionally hot) days.  Nights are usually cooler and a sweater or light jacket may be needed. If you plan on participating in sports, bring a tennis racket, soccer ball, golf clubs, softball glove, etc. 

Please note that your program may need you to bring specific items with you. For instance, our Summer Theatre Conservatory faculty may require special shoes for dance and formal attire for performances. When in doubt, check with the Faculty Director of your program before coming to see if there are any specific items you'll need.

Do I have to bring anything for my residence hall room, like bedding or snacks?
The College provides sheets, a blanket, and a small towel. Linen exchange is once per week during the program. You may want to bring an extra towel and your own pillow. You may also want to bring coat hangers, a reading lamp, and a fan (because our residence halls are not air-conditioned).

No appliances will be permitted in the residence hall room. All residence halls have coin-operated snack machines. Some residence halls may have lounges equipped with microwaves and refrigerators. Also, our Residence Assistants make routine trips to our local Wegman’s market and will bring additional snacks for program participants.

What else should I bring?

Since you'll be in an academic experience, you should think about bringing a blank notebook, pens, and pencils as well as a laptop or tablet (you'll be able to use Ithaca College's high-speed internet access while in residency).

What if I need to bring prescription medication?

If you need to take prescription or over-the-counter medication while in residency please be aware that you will need to list all medication on the health forms you submit to us upon acceptance into our program. Upon arrival, medications will be taken, securely stored, and administrated by our staff. When submitting your medical forms, please list all specific prescriptions or over-the-counter medications below, reasons for medication, and daily dosage. If any medications change prior to arriving at the program, please provide an updated list upon arrival. Also, please make sure that there is enough medication to last through the three-week residency as our staff cannot refill prescriptions.

What if my parents/guardians need to mail me something while I am in residency?

No problem. Use the mailing address below for anything you need to be shipped to the campus while you are in residency. Participants should let their parent/guardian know what residence hall they are living in during the residency in order to help complete the address below.

[Insert Participant Name Here]
Summer Pre-College Program
[Insert Residence Hall Name Here]
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14847