About Campminder

Campminder Login

Campminder is being used to create your participant record once accepted into one of our summer pre-college programs. Make sure to record your login information (username and password) so that you can easily return to your account. 

How You Will Use Campminder

Campminder is the software solution used by Ithaca College's Summer Pre-College Program. With it, you will:

  • Provide important participant information for our records.
  • Pay your $450 enrollment deposit. This is due 14 days after being accepted into our program.
  • Pay your full bill, due June 1.
  • Complete Program Forms (i.e. Health Form, Consent to Treat Form) - note that almost all of our forms are web forms within Campminder.

Completing Forms, Updating Information, and Paying Bills

When you are logged into your Campminder account as a parent/guardian, click on the following menu items for:

  • Forms and Documents - when you first apply, you will only see a few forms available to you. If you are accepted and enrolled in our program, you will see more required participant forms. All the forms displayed in this area are required and must be fully completed for your child to participate in our program. All forms are due by June 1, 2024, or sooner.
  • Contact Information - this area is for updating your contact information and emergency contacts.
  • Financial Management - once accepted and enrolled into our program, you can pay your deposit and full bill via this tool.
  • Login Details - you can update your password and Campminder login information in this area.


Our team will primarily use Campminder to communicate with families.