Anne Ruminski, Chemistry '03

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Current Position and Career Path

Picture of Anne Ruminski, Chemistry '03

Senior Engineer at Matrix Industries. At Matrix we are developing thermoelectric materials to power wearable devices with your body heat. Our first product, a smart watch, was shipped in Fall 2017.

Previously, I received my MS and Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). At UCSD I studied electrochemical etching of porous silicon photonic crystals and surface chemistry functionalization for environmental sensor applications. After graduation I went to the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. There I synthesized doped metal nanoparticle – polymer composite materials for hydrogen gas storage.

What features of your education at IC has helped you the most?

  1. The small class sizes and 1:1 interactions with professors were very beneficial for my growth as a student. That early mentorship helped me at IC and later on as I navigated through graduate school. 
  2. Summer research opportunities. I cannot stress this one enough. You learn a lot about science, instrumentation, and yourself during this focused research time. The skills obtained help open opportunities in the future, and help inform you as to what you are (or not) interested in pursuing.
  3. Humanities honors program. I did not fully appreciate this program at the time due to all the essay writing, but afterwards I realized it made science writing easier, and more importantly the honors curriculum made me more cognizant of cultures outside of my own. The science community is international, and the problems we work on cross borders.

What experiences at IC were important to you?

  1. Cross country and track and field. I competed on these teams all four years (go Bombers!) Being part of this group gave me an instant ‘family’ when I entered campus, provided fun travel opportunities, made me learn time management, and gave me amazing memories to last a life time. There are lots of groups to join on campus aside from sports, I highly recommend getting involved in something!
  2. The strong sense of community that was on campus. Some of my closest friends today I met at IC.
  3. The gorgeous Ithaca area and the outstanding views of Cayuga Lake. There will be high points and low points when you’re a student. It helps to have beautiful trails to escape to at the low points.