The time is now.

The implementation time-line includes action items that will be undertaken during the 2021 calendar year. Action items are organized by the term in which the effort will be under- taken. Many efforts will be ongoing and will continue indefinitely, for example, engaging in conversations around DEI and mental health during department meetings.

Spring 2021

Faculty and Staff Education

  • Faculty Representative coordinates periodic discussions of DEI at department faculty meetings
  • Faculty Representative assigns common read/listen/watch and discussion each semester
  • Faculty Representative convenes an ad-hoc faculty subcommittee to review the department policies and procedures manual for bias

Student Education

  • Faculty Representative includes ways to incorporate discussions of DEI and mental health in the classroom as part of ongoing discussions in department faculty meetings

  • Faculty Representative convenes an ad-hoc faculty and student subcommittee to com- pose a list of often overlooked people who made significant contribution to the fields related to each PHYS/ASTR class and distributes it to faculty teaching those courses

  • Student Liaison convenes a standing student subcommittee to plan and implement ideas for extra-curricular events (e.g., day to celebrate hidden figures)

  • Student Liaison works with student organizations to create a hallway display of hidden figures and informative poster displays regarding DEI for our classrooms

Student Support

  • Faculty Representative and Department Chair work with administration to hire a professional student advocate in Student Financial Services to help students navigate financial aid opportunities if their financial situation changes

  • Faculty PLuG Coordinator and Lead LA work with staff in the Tutoring Center to consider alternative tutoring models for students who need extra support

  • Department Chair works with the faculty to create and advertise a formal channel for department-level reporting of bias and other inclusion-related issues


  • Faculty Representative keeps faculty informed about upcoming identity-based conferences and faculty encourage minoritized student to attend

  • Astronomy Club Faculty Mentor works with Astronomy Club to re-instate observatory nights and prepare a plan to involve students in presentations

  • Engineering and Astronomy Club Faculty Advisors support the Engineering and Astronomy Clubs in securing funding for students to attend astronomy and engineering conferences

Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • Faculty Representative leads the faculty in redeveloping the first two years of our curriculum to provide easier entrance after the first year and to provide better scaffolding of mathematical and analytical reasoning skills

DEI Leadership

  • Anti-racism and Inclusion Action Team coordinates implementation of the action plan by working with faculty, staff, and students to carry out prioritized facets of the plan

  • Anti-racism and Inclusion Action Team remains a standing committee and assesses the department, local, and national climate and suggests means to further educate our community and address relevant current events

  • Faculty Liaison leads department in participation in the APS TEAM-UP webinars

Summer 2021


  • Faculty Seminar Coordinator schedules speakers who are diverse in identity as well as in area of specialty and workplace (academia vs. industry)

Student Support

  • Faculty Student Room Coordinator creates a display in the student room with information on campus services (e.g., CAPS, SAS, bias-reporting)

  • Faculty Representative works with department faculty to create mentoring guidelines (updated annually) for academic advisors

  • Faculty attend the S-STEM pro-active mentor training


  • Department Chair advises incoming students to join the new STEM Residential Learn- ing Community

  • Faculty Representative prepares a list of community volunteer opportunities for PHYS x14 instructors to share in class

Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • Faculty Representative convenes an ad-hoc committee of faculty to re-imagine the PHYS x14 series in light of the student learning outcomes of the new Physics and Applied Physics degrees and in consideration of the need for formal discussions of DEI

Fall 2021

Student Education

  • Faculty Representative coordinates an annual Inclusion in STEM public event and physics seminar

  • Faculty Representative collaborates with Seminar Coordinator to organize seminars focused on DEI and mental health

Student Support

  • Faculty engage in pro-active mentoring for academic advising, which requires more frequent meetings to get to know students better and allows for early intervention