Courses in the Department of Politics

The Department of Politics provides students with courses in Politics and in Legal Studies.

Politics courses cover the main subfields of political science -- US politics, Comparative and International Studies, Political Theory, and Public Policy -- from introductory level classes up to 400-level seminars and tutorials.  All Politics classes are small, with between 10 to 30 students per class.

Legal Studies has courses at the 100, 300, and 400 level, which fulfill requirements for majors and minors.  Legal Studies students also have required courses in Sociology, Politics, Business, Communications, and Philosophy.  LGST attribute courses fulfill requirements in the Legal Studies Concentration.

In addition to the courses listed below, students can also work one-on-one with faculty on independent study projects of their own choosing. Students can also earn credits towards the major through internships

Use the links below to explore our course offerings:

Catalog: Listing of most Politics courses.  This is a listing with a brief description of most Politics courses offered by the Politics Department. It does not include specific topics of 400-level seminars and tutorials, or of the 300-level "Selected Topics" courses.

Catalog: Listing of most Legal Studies courses. This is a listing with a brief description of most Legal Studies courses offered by the Politics Department.

Politics Courses Fall 2020: Schedule. Listing of Politics courses and schedule we are offering in the Spring 2020 semester. Updated 8/25

Legal Studies Courses Fall 2020: Schedule.  Listing of Legal Studies courses and schedule we are offering in the Spring 2020 semester. Updated 8/11

Courses Fall 2020: Descriptions. Course descriptions for Politics and Legal Studies courses, more detailed than the catalog, including titles and descriptions of seminars, tutorials, and "Selected Topics" courses that are not listed in the catalog.

file-outline Politics Supplement Fall 2020.pdf - politics-supplement-fall-2020.pdf (281.85 KB)

Course descriptions for Fall 2020 courses

file-outline Legal Studies Schedule Fall 2020 - lgst-fall-2020-display_0.pdf (110.59 KB)
file-outline Advising form - Politics Major - advisingform-polsmajor.pdf (45.31 KB)
file-outline Advising form - Politics with Concentration in International Studies - advisingform-polsconcis.pdf (44.92 KB)
file-outline Politics Minor - advisingform-polsminor.pdf (33.53 KB)

Advising form for Politics Minor

file-outline International Politics Minor - advisingform-intlpolsminor.pdf (40.37 KB)

Advising form for International Politics Minor

file-outline Advising forms: Politics Minor & Int'l Politics Minor - advisingform-pols-minor-intl-pols-minor.doc (42 KB)

Advising for for Politics Minor (first page) and International Politics Minor (second page)