Would you like to study the art and craft of writing with acclaimed visiting writers? Want advice on your own work from a distinguished poet, novelist, or essayist? Then apply for the Visiting Writers' Workshop!

WRTG 38000: Writers’ Workshop is a one-credit multi-genre class that allows students to study poetry, fiction, and nonfiction with three visiting writers. The course consists of:

  • an orientation meeting with the Distinguished Visiting Writers Series Director
  • a 90-minute class with each visiting writer (scheduled at various times during the semester)
  • two evening readings
  • an individual conference with the writer of your choice to discuss your writing
  • collaboration with peers to host the writer in your chosen genre, crafting and delivering an author introduction for the DVW reading, as well as moderating the author Q&A that follows.

All of these opportunities will further your knowledge of writing in multiple genres, develop your skills as a writer, and help keep you up to date on the world of contemporary writing.

Students may take the course up to three times in order to receive credit for an upper-division writing elective. Though priority goes to juniors and seniors who are Writing majors and minors, all Ithaca College students are welcome to apply. Applications are always due a semester in advance.

The Visiting Writers' Workshop offers IC students a unique opportunity to learn from some of America's foremost writers. Don’t miss your chance—apply!

For more information, contact DVW Director Rajpreet Heir by email: rheir@Ithaca.edu.