If you are ill and cannot meet your classes for the day, as soon as possible (preferably first thing in the morning), call 274-3138, and we will post a class cancellation notice.  If your illness will cause more than a day’s absence, please call Jack Wang and we will arrange to cover your classes.  If, and we hope it doesn’t happen, you have an extended medical need, you will have to file paperwork for a medical leave of absence and we will find someone to cover your classes.

Student Attendance Policy
Drop from your course any student whose accumulated absences add up to more than three weeks of class time.  For classes that meet M-W-F, three weeks equals nine classes. For classes that meet T-Th, three weeks equals six classes. Excused absences do count toward the total. Forms for dropping students are available in the department's main office. Any student dropped from the course after the semester deadline for withdrawal will automatically be assigned a grade of "F."

Final Examinations
By State law and College mandate, we must meet our classes during final exam week.  We have to do this to meet the State’s required 45 contact hours. You do not have to give a final exam, but must meet—some of us do readings, have in class writing, a discussion, party, etc., etc.  You might want to check with colleagues to see what the options are. Conferences do not count. Check the final exam schedule on the registrar’s Web page and include the exam time for your section in your syllabus or Blackboard calendar.

We all know how important and productive these are.  The policy is to have these outside of classroom meeting times.  However, some of us occasionally cancel one class to meet with students that day.  Please do not cancel classes for any longer than that (for a full week, for example).

Office Hours
The College asks that we have one office hour per week for each class we teach.  Office hours should be posted. You will be given a schedule card that you should post next to your office door. Make certain the card has accurate classroom information in case we have to reach you in an emergency.

Papers in the Hall
Leaving student papers in public places--such as the hall--is a violation of student confidentiality under FERPA, in addition to being a fire code violation.  If you cannot give them back in class or in person, contact the Administrative Assistant, Director of FYC, or Chair for alternatives.

The Library 
Our research librarians offer extensive support, from building resource pages on the library's website to visiting your classes. Just ask!


Help us prolong the lifespan of our department printer/copier by using the copy center for anything more than 20 impressions. Options include having students print items outside of class and using Sakai or other electronic resources. Consult the FYC Director for other suggestions.

If you are having software trouble call the ITS help line (x4-3282).

We keep copies of all syllabi in a file in the office; please hand yours within the first week or two of the semester.

Ask the Department of Writing's Administrative Assistant
For your keys, for instructions to use the fax machine, mail, supplies, and so forth.