Alexandria DeVita ('21) published with a byline in Travel Curator

February 18, 2021

Writing and Communications, Management, and Design double-major Alexandria DeVita (’21) was recently published in Travel Curator. She has been a freelance writer with the publication for several months and some of her articles include “Hudson Valley Itinerary: 48 Hours,” “Most Photogenic Vegan Restaurants Around the World,” and “Best Breakfast in Los Angeles.” Having worked with the publications since May 2020, she currently has four pieces published with a byline. The articles she has written are catered to people who are looking to travel and are researched to provide the publication’s audience with exceptional recommendations and experiences. 

DeVita credits professor Nick Kowalczyk, with whom she took Travel Writing, with pushing her to improve her writing as a young professional. Travel Writing is an online course our department offers exclusively to students who are away from our Ithaca campus, delving into the various goals, audiences, and forms of travel writing. In regards to her experience, DeVita said that “Nick … viewed my writing from a journalistic lens, which allowed me to hone my craft and pay attention to details like voice, syntax, grammar, and structure.” When asked what her favorite of her published pieces was, she said that it was the article she wrote on Hudson Valley. The piece is her favorite, she said, because it is so far one of the only articles in which she was able to visit the area she was writing about, and because of how much she was able to “merge [her] learnings from school into a real life project.”