Katie Quan ’15

By Kristen Gregg '22, April 26, 2022
Asian American Studies Instructor and Freelance Marketer

Katie Quan Headshot

Katie Quan graduated from Ithaca College in 2015 as a double major in Writing and Culture and Communications. She currently teaches Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University and the City College of San Francisco. 

She says her time is spent “assisting students to better their academic writing while encouraging them to play around with all the parts I personally love—language, point of view, grammar, and so much more.”

Quan herself writes as a social media manager: “Writing copy for social media has become more prominent in my freelance gigs and requires a whole different mindset to capture audiences and succeed.” 

Quan, who founded the Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival at Ithaca College, is also the founder of REALSOUL, her “passion project turned business endeavor.” It’s dedicated, she says, to “getting BIPOC stories, with an emphasis on Asian American experiences, into classrooms.” Beginning as a comic series titled “This Asian American Life,” it expanded into a community by the same name. Quan recently rebranded the enterprise “to share and explore moments of solidarity and intersectionality from the perspective of Asian America.” Now she hopes to see it transform and grow in her area and eventually, outside of California.