Schedule a meeting

Are you interested in learning more about study abroad and have questions about the process? If so, read through the information below to find out how to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor.
First, consult with an academic advisor

Students in the initial stages of study abroad planning are encouraged to do the following BEFORE scheduling a meeting with a study abroad advisor:

Consult with an academic advisor to discuss how study abroad will fit into your academic plan. Your academic advisor can help determine which semester is best for you to go abroad and which degree requirements you will need to fulfill while abroad. 

Schedule a Meeting

Students who HAVE consulted with their advisor(s), click here and select a date and time that works for you. Appointments are available either via Zoom or in-person.  

Unable to find an appointment time that works?

Just send an email to with your availability for the upcoming week and you'll hear back from us with some possible meeting times.