Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

Many scholarship opportunities are available for those planning to study abroad. Interested students are encouraged to begin their searches early and apply well before the deadlines, as these scholarships can be competitive.

We encourage you to search the following links to see if you are eligible.  If you are in need of assistance when applying for scholarships, please contact Dr. Hugh Egan, Professor of English and Coordinator of Special Academic Opportunities; Dr. Egan can help guide students through the scholarship application process.

IC London Center Scholarships

Wendy Bahlav '78 London Center Scholarship - Wendy Bahlav, an Ithaca College alumna, has generously created an endowed scholarship, with the intention that it will help an Ithaca College student from the School of Business to attend the London Center. One award will be awarded each Spring semester, and preference will be given to students with a demonstrated high level of financial need (as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services).
Fred Camden London Assistance Grant - a limited number of grants are available on a competitive basis for Ithaca College students who are in good academic standing, have high financial need, and will be attending the Ithaca College's London Center.
The Studin Sisters London Center Scholarship - The Studin sisters, both Ithaca College alumnae, have generously created a new endowed scholarship for participants in the Ithaca College London Center program. One award will be available each fall, spring, and summer term, to a student with a demonstrated high level of financial need (as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services).  

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

If you are student with a disability, please also contact the Student Accessibility Services at 110 Towers Concourse, 607-274-1005 and let them know of your interest in studying abroad.

Mobility International IES Abroad

ALANA Scholarships

If you are an ALANA student, please also contact the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs at 325 Egbert Hall (607-274-3222) and let them know of your interest in studying abroad as more resources are available.

Diversity Abroad  IES Abroad AIFS Diversity Scholarships
Native American College Fund UNCF Scholarship Search Fund for Education Abroad

Scholarships for LGBTQ+:

If you are an LGBT student, please contact LGBT Education, Outreach & Services at the Lower Level of Hammond Health Center 607-274-7394, to see if there are any resources available for study abroad.