Meet with an Academic Advisor

It is never too early to begin planning for study abroad. We strongly encourage students to start the planning process during their freshman year with the guidance of their academic advisor.

Ultimately, it is our goal for students to have a positive and rewarding educational experience abroad. While we encourage students to practice due diligence when researching programs so they are able to fulfill personal and academic goals while abroad, they are also advised to consider programs that allow them to satisfy academic requirements that must be completed during their semester abroad. Planning with the assistance of an academic advisor will provide students with important information needed when researching study abroad programs and will help to ensure that the student:

  • chooses the best semester to study abroad, considering academic requirements that must be completed on campus,
  • has discussed any academic requirements needed to fulfill during a semester abroad to remain on track for graduation, and
  • presents any relevant academic requirements with their study abroad advisor so appropriate program options are presented to the student.
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