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The next step in the process is to take some time to learn about the study abroad programs Ithaca College has to offer. Consider attending the Study Abroad Fair or an information session to learn more about your options.

Ithaca College London Center - The Ithaca College London Center, owned and operated by Ithaca College since 1972, is one of the longest-standing study abroad programs in London. We offer a wide variety of courses with a Liberal Arts focus, an intensive theater program, an honors program, and a cultural internship program. Students can study at the London Center in the fall, spring, or even during the summer.

Exchange Programs - Ithaca College has exchange agreements with a number of universities around the world. The programs work by sending a student abroad in exchange for receiving a student from a partnering institution. Exchange programs are a bit more competitive in nature as students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above (in some instances 3.2 or above) and there are a limited amount of spots available each semester. Students who choose to go on an exchange program are also expected to possess a high degree of independence and maturity.

Short-term Faculty-Led Programs - Short-term study programs can be a fantastic learning experience for students, especially those who are unable to study abroad for a whole semester. These programs are led by Ithaca College faculty; vary from year to year; and they may take place during winter break, spring/fall break or during the summer.


Ithaca College is affiliated with various abroad organizations that take students to many different destinations around the world. Organizations may run both semester-long and summer/winter programs. Affiliated program admission requirements vary from program to program. A minimum GPA of 2.5 or above and a good judicial history are both typical requirements from our affiliated partners, though GPA may vary based on the program.


If one of the Ithaca College, Exchange, or affiliated programs does not seem appropriate, Ithaca students can study abroad through any program run by an accredited institution. Every student has different needs and interests - whether personal, academic or financial, and there are hundreds of well-respected, accredited study abroad programs all over the world that will satisfy individual student needs.

Below is a list of reputable study abroad directories commonly used to search for non-affiliated program options:

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Study Abroad Fair & Information Sessions

If you would like to explore your options, consider attending the annual STUDY ABROAD FAIR at the beginning of the fall semester or take time out to attend an INFORMATION SESSION, offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.